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White hawthorn

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6 products
6 products
  1. Garlic, Hawthorn, Olive

    Garlic, Hawthorn, Olive

    120 capsules
    €10.95 Msrp Price €12.85 As low as €9.75
  2. Shredded Hawthorn Herb

    Shredded Hawthorn Herb

    50 g
    €1.40 Msrp Price €1.62 As low as €1.30
  3. Hawthorn Extract (Crataegus) Bio

    Hawthorn Extract (Crataegus) Bio

    100 ml
    €8.99 Msrp Price €13.30 As low as €8.54
  4. Hawthorn Tincture
    Erboristeria Magentina

    Hawthorn Tincture

    50 ml
  5. Hawthorn Mg

    Hawthorn Mg

    100 ml
  6. Hawthorn tea

    Hawthorn tea

    15 infusion bags
6 Items

Hawthorn is a shrub found in forests in Europe, Asia and Africa that is used as a natural remedy. The properties of hawthorn and its minimal contraindications make it highly appreciated in herbal medicine.

It can be taken as an extract, capsules or infusion of hawthorn. However, to enjoy the benefits of hawthorn you must use it in the proper dose and following the instructions of the product. Below you have more information about the benefits of hawthorn.

Properties of hawthorn

The best known properties of hawthorn derive from its heart-healthy effects, as it regulates the heart rhythm and prevents the aging of the heart muscle. Therefore, it is excellent for protecting the heart.

Other benefits of hawthorn are its sedative effects, which make it suitable for combating insomnia, stress and anxiety. However, the applications for which hawthorn is used do not end there, because this plant has benefits in the treatment of respiratory problems , such as muscle relaxers , menopause , etc.

How to take hawthorn

The usual way to enjoy the properties and benefits of hawthorn is an infusion of hawthorn with flowers and leaves. However, if you want to control more precisely the dose of hawthorn you take, at Naturitas you can buy white hawthorn in other presentations, such as hawthorn extract or hawthorn capsules.

Compared to conventional medications, hawthorn contraindications are minimal or nil. It is important to know that you should not take it in pregnancy or lactation, or in combination with cardiovascular medications. The use of high doses of hawthorn in some cases can produce drowsiness and fatigue due to its sedative effect, but if you follow the instructions of the product you will not have any problem.

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