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7 products
7 products
  1. Boldo


    60 tablets
    €6.13 Msrp Price €6.25 As low as €5.76
  2. Boldo Extract

    Boldo Extract

    50 ml
    €9.53 Msrp Price €10.50 As low as €8.96
  3. Boldo
    Maese Herbario


    40 g
    €2.10 Msrp Price €2.23 As low as €1.97
  4. Shredded Boldo Leaves

    Shredded Boldo Leaves

    75 g
    €1.84 Msrp Price €2.22 As low as €1.73
  5. Boldo Leaves
    Nova Diet

    Boldo Leaves

    40 g
    €1.09 Msrp Price €1.44
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Within the immense variety of medicinal plants that exist today, boldo is one of the least known in Europe because it grows only in some areas of Latin America, mainly in Chile. However, in recent years the numerous properties of boldo have made its fame cross borders and today it is relatively easy to find in online herbalists such as Naturitas. But do you know what boldo is for? We tell you all its applications!

What is boldo for

The leaves and bark of this tree are where the active ingredients responsible for the most well-known medicinal properties of boldo are concentrated. It is high in essential oils, flavonoids, and tannins that give it several health benefits.

On the one hand, boldo is good for the digestive system because it relieves heavy digestions and prevents gas and the feeling of bloating. It is also a cleanser that improves liver and kidney function, as well as a natural diuretic to combat fluid retention, cystitis and other urinary disorders. Taking boldo to lose weight can also help if combined with a balanced diet and physical exercise.

Its mild sedative and anesthetic effect means that boldo is also used to sleep or calm the nerves. Finally, boldo has expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties that make it suitable for treating colds, flu, and other respiratory illnesses.

How to take boldo

We can prepare an infusion of boldo with the dried leaves and bark of this tree, which can be combined with other medicinal plants. Boldo extract or essential oil is also available, which has a high concentration of active ingredients, as well as boldo pills or capsules to take as a dietary supplement.

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