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From the age of 35, the chances of having children decrease markedly. This causes male and female fertility problems to become a concern for many couples. Leading an active life and following a balanced diet, along with the help of some natural fertility remedies, can increase the chances of achieving the long-awaited pregnancy.

Why does female and male fertility decrease?

More and more couples are having problems when it comes to having children. Factors such as delayed maternity age, stress, a sedentary lifestyle or inadequate diet lead to a decrease in female and male fertility, especially after the age of 35. Fertility treatments are the last resort, but they are expensive and do not always work. Fortunately, before having to resort to them, there are some natural remedies to improve fertility.

Natural remedies to increase fertility

Zinc , magnesium , selenium , copper and calcium supplements can have a beneficial effect in increasing female and male fertility, since adequate levels of these minerals favor the production of eggs and sperm. For their part, antioxidants such as astaxanthin protect these cells from deterioration.

Likewise, plant extracts such as maca , tribulus or rhodiola are also beneficial for fertility and when it comes to increasing libido. Finally, it is advisable to take vitamin B supplements (such as folic acid), vitamin C and vitamin E. They are an aid both for fertility and for the correct development of pregnancy and, in fact, they are often prescribed in the first months of gestation.

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