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18 products
18 products
  1. Curcumin
    Nature et Partage


    60 tablets (757mg)
    €20.72 Msrp Price €33.24 As low as €20.10
  2. Turmeric 6000 mg 95% Extract with Black Pepper

    Turmeric 6000 mg 95% Extract with Black Pepper

    120 tablets
    €18.47 Msrp Price €26.00 As low as €17.26
  3. Curarti Forte

    Curarti Forte

    30 tablets
    €21.21 Msrp Price €24.95 As low as €19.73
  4. Turmeric - Ginger and Black Pepper + Probiotics
    Aldous Bio

    Turmeric - Ginger and Black Pepper + Probiotics

    250 capsules of 760mg
  5. Turmeric Root Extract

    Turmeric Root Extract

    60 vegetable capsules
    €27.35 Msrp Price €28.45 As low as €24.92
  6. Turmeric complex 10,000 mg

    Turmeric complex 10,000 mg

    60 capsules
    €25.54 Msrp Price €28.38 As low as €23.50
  7. Curcumisan


    60 capsules
    €18.49 Msrp Price €21.67 As low as €17.38
  8. Turmeric Integrated Tablets

    Turmeric Integrated Tablets

    100 tablets of 500mg
  9. Turmeric 10.000 mg
    Nature Essential

    Turmeric 10.000 mg

    60 capsules of 600mg
  10. Turmeric, 1440mg

    Turmeric, 1440mg

    100 capsules
  11. Turmeric 10.000 mg
    Estado Puro

    Turmeric 10.000 mg

    80 capsules
    €32.39 Msrp Price €38.10 As low as €30.12
  12. Turmeric & Black Pepper

    Turmeric & Black Pepper

    60 vegetable capsules
  13. Phytosome Curcumin
    Nutri Holistic

    Phytosome Curcumin

    60 capsules
  14. Turmeric raw powder

    Turmeric raw powder

    200 g of powder
  15. Organic Longa Turmeric

    Organic Longa Turmeric

    50 g of powder
  16. Cherry and Turmeric Complex
    Will be in stock soon

    Cherry and Turmeric Complex

    60 vegetable capsules
    €24.65 Msrp Price €44.31 As low as €23.17
  17. Full Spectrum Boswellia and Curcumin
    Will be in stock soon

    Full Spectrum Boswellia and Curcumin

    60 capsules of 300mg
    €5.58 Msrp Price €5.78 As low as €4.66
18 Items

Turmeric ( Curcuma longa) is a plant native to Southeast Asia that has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties, as a spice and also as a dye. In this section you will find all the food supplements made from turmeric from the best brands in the sector such as Solgar, Lamberts, El granero integral, Sura Vitasan ... and many more!

The root of this plant is rich in curcumin , the main active ingredient in turmeric and which is also responsible for the characteristic yellow color of turmeric.

Properties of turmeric

Many medicinal properties of turmeric have been described and new therapeutic uses are still being investigated today. The most notable uses of this plant are:

  • Anti-inflammatory : Many scientific studies have shown the anti-inflammatory property of turmeric, which is especially beneficial in people with rheumatoid arthritis. Turmeric does not produce a strong analgesic effect, but, unlike other anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, it does not cause significant gastric irritations either, as long as the manufacturer's recommended dose is followed. It is important to note that consuming turmeric in high doses can cause an upset stomach.
  • Antioxidant : Turmeric curcuminoids have been scientifically proven to have great antioxidant properties, that is, they help protect cells from oxidative damage by free radicals.
  • Digestive : Another well-known property of turmeric extract is its hepatoprotective activity. In Chinese medicine, turmeric has been used since ancient times to improve digestion in foods high in fat and liver disorders. For Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is also considered beneficial for the digestive system, and is used in cleansing and liver problems.

How to take turmeric?

You can buy turmeric powder to use as a spice in culinary preparations, but if we need a higher concentration of active ingredients we should opt for food supplements .

In this section of Turmeric you can find both turmeric in capsules and tablets.

If you are looking for turmeric capsules, at Naturitas we have a wide selection of products made by the best brands in the sector, such as Turmeric and pepper Bio from El granero integral , Optim Curcuma from the Optim brand or Turmeric root extract from Solgar . In addition, in our catalog we have many turmeric supplements formulated with vegetable capsules, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Of course you will also find turmeric tablets, such as Physalis Curcum Actif , Santiveri Turmeric ... and many others!

Turmeric and pepper

Many turmeric food supplements include black pepper in their formula. Black pepper berries contain a substance called piperine , which favors the absorption of curcumin. Therefore, these products combine both components so that you can take full advantage of their properties.

In Naturitas you can buy, for example, Turmeric and pepper from El granero Integral, Curcumin 3 from Health Aid or Turmeric 10,000 mg of Pure State , supplements with which you will benefit from the properties of turmeric through this formula that favors absorption of its active ingredients thanks to black pepper.

Turmeric contraindications

The consumption of turmeric, even if it is a medicinal plant, can have some contraindications like any food supplement. Turmeric is generally contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Avoid in case of gallstones, severe liver toxicity or gastric ulcer.
  • Avoid consumption during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Its consumption is not recommended in children.

However, we recommend always following the warnings and precautions indicated by the manufacturer in question.

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