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5 products
5 products
  1. Royal jelly

    Royal jelly

    60 softgels
    €16.12 Msrp Price €18.86 As low as €11.56
  2. Jelly Kids Prevent

    Jelly Kids Prevent

    250 ml (Fruits)
    €14.68 Msrp Price €14.85
  3. Organic Royal Jelly not frozen
    Will be in stock soon
    Abbaye de Sept-Fons

    Organic Royal Jelly not frozen

    25 g (100%)
  4. Fresh royal jelly
    Will be in stock soon

    Fresh royal jelly

    20 vials of 2000mg
    €14.61 Msrp Price €24.04 As low as €13.73
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Sure you have heard of its benefits, but ... do you know what royal jelly is exactly? This substance produced by bees has numerous applications in nutrition and natural medicine due to its incredible properties: it provides energy, whets the appetite, prevents infections and diseases, lifts the spirits ... That is why many people have the habit of taking a teaspoon of royal jelly every morning on an empty stomach, in order to "charge" the batteries for the whole day. Try it and you will see how you notice it!

Royal jelly benefits

Royal jelly is a natural superfood produced by bees similar to honey, but with more healthy properties. It is used to feed the larvae of the hive and the queen bee, which is the only one that always takes pure royal jelly and that is why it grows longer and lives longer.

The key to the properties of royal jelly lies in its high content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This composition of royal jelly makes it a source of energy, a powerful natural revitalizer and also helps reduce the symptoms of hormonal disorders such as menstruation or menopause. Royal jelly for children is also recommended in cases of lack of energy or appetite.

How to take royal jelly

To enjoy all the properties of royal jelly, it is recommended to take pure royal jelly in the morning before breakfast. Since the taste of pure royal jelly is not to everyone's liking, in our natural products online store you can buy royal jelly from Naturitas , Arkopharma , Marnys and other brands in different formats: from ampoules of royal jelly to pure royal jelly, syrups , royal jelly tablets and capsules and preparations that combine it with other substances, such as royal jelly with propolis, echinacea, etc.

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