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112 products
112 products
112 products
  1. AlcaMenu, organic breakfast
    P. Jentschura

    AlcaMenu, organic breakfast

    400 g of powder
  2. Instant seitan
    La Finestra sul Cielo

    Instant seitan

    120 g
  3. Artichoke Risotto - with Miso

    Artichoke Risotto - with Miso

    250 g
    €3.93 Msrp Price €3.95 As low as €3.73
  4. Quinoa and lentil soup
    La Finestra sul Cielo

    Quinoa and lentil soup

    400 g
  5. Legume and curry falafel
    Ma Vie sans Gluten

    Legume and curry falafel

    150 g
    €3.75 Msrp Price €4.15 As low as €3.56
  6. Dhal-Couscous Indian Taste Bio
    Natur Compagnie

    Dhal-Couscous Indian Taste Bio

    68 g
    €1.43 Msrp Price €1.70 As low as €1.36
  7. Cupcakes and Biscuits Mix Bio

    Cupcakes and Biscuits Mix Bio

    510 g
    €3.40 Msrp Price €3.69 As low as €3.23
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At Naturitas you can buy a multitude of healthy and tasty prepared dishes , ideal for a quick lunch or dinner, or to take to work if you eat out. From the classic stews and homemade stews to risottos, couscous and stir-fries ready to drink. Who doesn't eat well is because they don't want to!

Natural ready meals: the classics

Although we all like to eat well, we don't always have time to prepare a paella, a beef stew or some meatballs with tomato. But if you only have to open the container, heat it for a few moments and sit at the table, things change a lot. Truth?

At Naturitas we have selected the best prepared dishes from leading brands in natural food such as Ahimsa or Abricome, so that you always have a healthy food option on hand. Made with ingredients from organic sources, with all the flavor of traditional cuisine and without unnecessary additives. Try them and you will surely repeat!

New flavors for your prepared dishes

The lack of time to cook is a constant in developed countries, which is why more and more proposals of natural prepared dishes come to us inspired by flavors from around the world. Prepare in a moment a delicious couscous of millet, quinoa and organic vegetables, a stir fry of cereals and lentils or a plate of quinoa with seeds. Or how about a seaweed salad , with all the flavor of the sea and that combines with any dish?

We also have prepared falafel of legumes , cookies and quinoa empanadas, omelets, etc. ready so you can get a delicious menu out of your sleeve in an instant.

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