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6 products
6 products
  1. Pollen Bag

    Pollen Bag

    1 kg
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  2. Organic Pollen

    Organic Pollen

    225 g
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  3. Magnepolen
    El Naturalista


    60 capsules
    €13.20 Msrp Price €13.37 As low as €12.41
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Among the different natural products that we obtain from bees, pollen is one of the least known. However, you should know that it is a food that provides a lot of energy, which is why bee pollen for athletes is very popular. It is also a nutritional supplement packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, perfect to complement a healthy diet and strengthen the immune system. It is also common to take bee pollen to lose weight, for children, etc.

Pollen properties

Flower pollen is a natural food and a highly recommended nutritional supplement. The benefits of bee pollen include a great contribution of energy that makes it ideal for athletes, children, the elderly, etc. It is also indicated for situations of physical and mental wear such as intensive training, exams, etc.

On the other hand, it contains enzymes with laxative and diuretic properties, so taking pollen to lose weight can be an aid. Likewise, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial components of pollen help to strengthen defenses and protect against infections. The properties of pollen also include its use as a natural cosmetic, as it nourishes and firms the skin.

How to take pollen

The natural pollen we consume is not obtained directly from the flowers, but from the hives. The bees collect it and turn it into small yellow or orange granules. Although it tastes sweet, the best way to take pollen is to dissolve it in liquids like milk, yogurt, juice, etc. Due to its caloric content and to take full advantage of the properties of natural pollen , it is recommended that you take it in the morning on an empty stomach.

In addition to grain pollen, at Naturitas you can buy pollen in capsules, tablets or pollen extract from brands such as Hijas del Sol , EcoSana or Mielar .

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