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2 products
2 products
  1. Fucus Extract

    Fucus Extract

    50 ml
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  2. Fucus Extract
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    Fucus Extract

    50 ml
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Known since Roman times for its healthy properties, fucus is one of the most appreciated edible algae in natural therapies. Among the many properties of fucus, its powerful satiating effect stands out, making it a valuable ally in weight loss treatments. It also speeds up metabolism and reduces fluid retention, which is why it is included in many sports supplements. Find the best dietary supplements with fucus at Naturitas!

Fucus properties

Fucus, or sea oak, is a very common brown algae in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. It is used for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis, among other ailments. It also has applications in the treatment of thyroid problems. However, the properties of fucus are widely known in weight loss treatments.

The reason is that taking fucus has a strong satiating effect on the body that helps control appetite and reduce calorie intake without feeling hungry. In addition, fucus has the ability to accelerate metabolism and make us consume more energy even while resting, as well as a diuretic effect that prevents fluid retention. For this reason, the use of fucus for weight loss is widespread, as well as in sports.

How to take fucus

If you want to take fucus to lose weight, as a sports supplement or simply to benefit from any of the other properties of this wonderful seaweed, the best way to do it is through dietary supplements with fucus that you can find in the Naturitas online store. Made by brands like Arkopharma, Eladiet, Fitosol or El Granero Natural, most are available in pills or tablets, although you can also find crushed fucus and fucus extract to add to your drinks and recipes.

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