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Exercise recovery

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74 products
74 products
  1. BCAA + Glutamine Concept
    Mega Plus

    BCAA + Glutamine Concept

    500 g (Lemon)
    €23.76 Msrp Price €30.75 As low as €22.10
  2. Post Effort Drink - Orange

    Post Effort Drink - Orange

    457 g of powder (Orange)
  3. L-Glutamine


    500 g
    €28.49 Msrp Price €34.85 As low as €27.64
  4. MG.K Vis Full Sport
    Pool Pharma

    MG.K Vis Full Sport

    10 packets of 11g
  5. Goldrink Premium
    Gold Nutrition

    Goldrink Premium

    750 g of powder (Wild berries)
    €25.70 Msrp Price €25.90 As low as €24.16
  6. Isotonic Energy Lima

    Isotonic Energy Lima

    12 units of 40g
  7. Dark chocolate bar

    Dark chocolate bar

    1 unit of 35g
  8. Red Mass Coconut Bar

    Red Mass Coconut Bar

    50 g (Coconut)
  9. Taurine gel (lemon flavor)

    Taurine gel (lemon flavor)

    1 unit
    €1.53 Msrp Price €1.77 As low as €1.45
  10. Crunchy proteinbar lemon-tarte
    Named Sport

    Crunchy proteinbar lemon-tarte

    1 bar of 40g (Lemon)
  11. Crunchy proteinbar cookies & cream
    Named Sport

    Crunchy proteinbar cookies & cream

    1 bar of 40g
  12. Crunchy proteinbar coconut dream
    Named Sport

    Crunchy proteinbar coconut dream

    1 bar of 40g (Coconut)
  13. Proteinbar wild berries
    Named Sport

    Proteinbar wild berries

    1 bar of 50g (Wild berries)
  14. Crunchy proteinbar choco-brownie
    Named Sport

    Crunchy proteinbar choco-brownie

    1 bar of 40g (Chocolate - Brownie)
  15. MG.K Vis Magnesium-Potassium Orange Sugars
    Will be in stock soon
    Pool Pharma

    MG.K Vis Magnesium-Potassium Orange Sugars

    30 packets of 4g
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How to recover after physical exercise

Just as important as warming up before sports is muscle recovery after physical exercise . Muscle recovery allows the body to restore its normal function after the effort exerted, favoring the repair of muscles and the restoration of energy reserves.

For this it is important not to end physical activity suddenly, but to reduce the intensity little by little and end with stretching; hydrate and eat something to replenish energy; and rest to promote muscle recovery. Conversely, poor muscle recovery is a sure recipe for stiffness, muscle aches and injuries.

Natural products for muscle recovery

Recovery after exercise requires restoring the body's energy and enzyme levels by supplying rapidly assimilated nutrients. For this you can take bars and protein shakes, which help to regenerate and develop muscles.

Brewer's yeast and wheat germ also provide quick energy and easily assimilated nutrients. Likewise, supplements with amino acids such as glutamine , which favors the repair of muscle tissues damaged by exercise, as well as creatine , which increases muscle mass, are useful for muscle recovery. Finally, calcium , magnesium and collagen supplements allow for faster muscle recovery.

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