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42 products
42 products
42 products
  1. Organic Hemp Protein Powder

    Organic Hemp Protein Powder

    250 g
    €6.50 Msrp Price €8.05 As low as €4.94
  2. Aquilea Fat Burning Sticks

    Aquilea Fat Burning Sticks

    15 units
  3. Organic Pea Protein Powder

    Organic Pea Protein Powder

    250 g
    €5.80 Msrp Price €7.51 As low as €4.62
  4. L Carnitine Complex 2000

    L Carnitine Complex 2000

    120 capsules
    €22.31 Msrp Price €28.50 As low as €21.19
  5. Protein mix
    El Granero Integral

    Protein mix

    500 g of powder
    €14.73 Msrp Price €17.95
  6. CLA green coffee guarana
    Vecteur Sante

    CLA green coffee guarana

    60 vegetable capsules
  7. BCAA Amino-Hydrate, Orange & Mango
    Applied Nutrition

    BCAA Amino-Hydrate, Orange & Mango

    450 g
    €23.45 Msrp Price €23.51 As low as €21.81
  8. Zero Fat Block Triple Action
    Just Aid

    Zero Fat Block Triple Action

    60 capsules
    €23.02 Msrp Price €23.90 As low as €21.87
  9. Organic Vegetable Protein 80% Neutral
    Energy Feelings

    Organic Vegetable Protein 80% Neutral

    1 kg
    €27.25 Msrp Price €27.50 As low as €24.86
  10. Tf-1 Thermo Burner

    Tf-1 Thermo Burner

    90 capsules
    €33.15 Msrp Price €39.00 As low as €31.49
  11. Adilut


    100 capsules
    €31.24 Msrp Price €35.00 As low as €29.68
  12. Creatine Monohydrate
    Applied Nutrition

    Creatine Monohydrate

    250 g
    €8.06 Msrp Price €9.44 As low as €7.74
  13. Iso Hydro Whey (Chocolate Flavor)
    Gold Nutrition

    Iso Hydro Whey (Chocolate Flavor)

    2 kg
    €75.95 Msrp Price €89.02 As low as €72.91
  14. Whey To Go Protein

    Whey To Go Protein

    340 g of powder (Vanilla)
  15. BCAA Amino-Hydrate, Fruit Burst
    Will be in stock soon
    Applied Nutrition

    BCAA Amino-Hydrate, Fruit Burst

    450 g
    €20.21 Msrp Price €23.51 As low as €19.20
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When you practice sports intensely, your body is subjected to wear and tear that must be compensated with a balanced diet and, sometimes, taking sports supplements. Read on to find out what sports supplements are and the benefits they bring.

Sports supplements include proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients for the body that can help improve sports performance and recovery after exercising.

What are sports supplements

Sports supplements are dietary supplements designed for people who exercise intensively. The best sports supplements can help improve sports performance and facilitate recovery after exercising.

The main types of supplements for athletes are:

  • Protein sports supplements: prevent muscle loss caused by intensive exercise.
  • Fat Burning Sports Supplements: These weight loss sports supplements help eliminate fat.
  • Sports amino acid supplements: reinforce the assimilation of essential fatty acids to promote muscle development.
  • Creatine sports supplements: They are one of the most popular sports supplements for their ability to enhance muscle strength.

Some of Naturitas' best-selling sports supplement brands in these sports supplement categories are Energy Feelings , Gold Nutrition and Just Aid .

Sport and health: when to take sports supplements

The benefits of sports supplements only materialize when used in combination with a balanced diet and proper exercise practice. In other words, sports supplements to lose weight or gain muscle are useless if they are not accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and an adequate training plan.

On the other hand, excessive consumption of sports supplements can have side effects, so read the manufacturers' instructions carefully.

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