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10 products
10 products
  1. Biotin 1000mg

    Biotin 1000mg

    120 capsules
    €13.80 Msrp Price €19.42
  2. Biotin 1000mg

    Biotin 1000mg

    60 capsules
    €6.90 Msrp Price €14.46
  3. Multivitamin


    60 tablets
    €11.34 Msrp Price €13.83 As low as €10.77
  4. Biotin (Biotin Vitamin H)
    El Granero Integral

    Biotin (Biotin Vitamin H)

    100 tablets
    €10.25 Msrp Price €11.99 As low as €9.74
  5. Choline Inositol 250

    Choline Inositol 250

    50 vegetable capsules of 250mg
    €13.61 Msrp Price €14.22 As low as €12.93
  6. Garden Family Multi
    Natures Plus

    Garden Family Multi

    60 tablets (Raspberry)
    €36.56 Msrp Price €39.95 As low as €34.73
  7. Energy Multivit Adult
    Forté Pharma

    Energy Multivit Adult

    28 tablets
  8. Vitamolas Defensas 12 years

    Vitamolas Defensas 12 years

    60 chewable tablets
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At Naturitas we have many types of vitamin supplements in different formats (capsules, tablets, ampoules, etc.) for all needs. Get to know them!

Maintaining an adequate supply of vitamins is essential for our body. When there is a vitamin deficiency due to wear situations, intensive sports, pregnancy, menopause, etc. Vitamin supplements are an excellent alternative to ingest the best vitamins in a very simple and comfortable way.

What are multivitamin complexes

Multivitamin complexes, also known as polyvitamins or simply vitamins, are dietary supplements that include various types of vitamins. Its function is to reinforce the intake of these compounds that we make from foods that contain vitamins, reinforcing the contribution in situations of vitamin deficiency.

At Naturitas you can buy vitamin supplements from the best vitamin brands such as Solgar, Equisalud, Lambert's or Nature's Plus. The best multivitamins are available in different formats such as capsules, sachets, tablets or multivitamin ampoules, to be taken when and how you feel most comfortable.

What are the best multivitamin complexes

Different types of vitamin complexes combine various vitamins (and sometimes minerals) to offer solutions to different needs. For example:

  • Multivitamin complexes for athletes, which promote muscle recovery and prevent injuries.
  • Multivitamin complexes for students , which reinforce concentration and facilitate rest.
  • Multivitamin complexes for weight loss that increase fat burning.
  • Multivitamin complexes for pregnant women (always consult your doctor).
  • Others: multivitamins for the elderly, vitamins for menopause, etc.

The choice of the vitamin supplement and the dose of vitamins you should take will depend on your condition and needs. You can consult as a reference indicators such as the recommended daily amount (CDR) or adequate intake (IA), which indicate the amount of vitamins and other nutrients that we must take to be healthy.

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