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15 products
15 products
  1. Cerato Ruscus

    Cerato Ruscus

    50 g
    €11.68 Msrp Price €12.99 As low as €11.21
  2. Essential Oil of Sandalwood

    Essential Oil of Sandalwood

    30 ml of essential oil
  3. Horse Chestnut Extract XXI Formula
    Soria Natural

    Horse Chestnut Extract XXI Formula

    50 ml
    €6.55 Msrp Price €8.80 As low as €6.16
  4. Cerato-Herbal (Skin Regenerator)

    Cerato-Herbal (Skin Regenerator)

    50 g
    €9.79 Msrp Price €12.99
  5. Gse Proct-Em Ointment

    Gse Proct-Em Ointment

    50 ml
  6. Puffed buckwheat
    El Granero Integral

    Puffed buckwheat

    100 g
  7. Organic Extrafine Wheat Bran
    El Granero Integral

    Organic Extrafine Wheat Bran

    350 g
  8. BIO Coarse Wheat Bran
    El Granero Integral

    BIO Coarse Wheat Bran

    300 g
  9. Wheat grain
    Will be in stock soon
    El Granero Integral

    Wheat grain

    500 g
    €1.34 Msrp Price €1.39 As low as €1.26
  10. Gse Proct-Em Wipes
    Will be in stock soon

    Gse Proct-Em Wipes

    20 units
  11. Neofitoroid Biodeterg
    Will be in stock soon

    Neofitoroid Biodeterg

    100 ml
    €11.11 Msrp Price €11.34 As low as €10.33
  12. Cypress Essential Oil
    Will be in stock soon
    Mon Deconatur

    Cypress Essential Oil

    12 ml of essential oil
15 Items

Who has never had hemorrhoids ... surely they will end up having them at some point in their life! Don't let the piles make your day bitter!

This circulatory disorder is especially common in people who spend a lot of time sitting or standing, often suffer from constipation or do not take enough fiber. The good news is that there are various natural remedies for hemorrhoids that help alleviate the most common symptoms: from plant extracts to essential oils ...

Why do hemorrhoids come out?

Hemorrhoids, also popularly known as piles, are inflammations of the veins located in the anus or rectum. It is a circulatory disorder that affects up to half of the population at some point in their life. The causes of hemorrhoids are diverse: they generally appear due to habitual constipation or for spending too many hours sitting or standing, although they can also occur during pregnancy and due to hereditary factors.

Among the most common hemorrhoid symptoms are itching in the anal area, discomfort or even pain when defecating, red blood spots when cleaning, etc. To prevent hemorrhoids, it is advisable to follow a diet rich in fiber, hydrate yourself sufficiently and avoid spending too much time in the same posture or sitting on the toilet.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids

Among the most popular natural hemorrhoid treatments include taking cereals such as buckwheat , which in addition to containing fiber improves circulation to prevent the appearance of piles. Plant extracts such as gingko biloba , gotu kola , horse chestnut or ruscus are very effective in improving circulation and preventing hemorrhoids. Lastly, geranium , oregano, or witch hazel essential oils are also effective in reducing inflammation, itching, and other hemorrhoid symptoms.

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