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30 products
30 products
30 products
  1. Royal jelly

    Royal jelly

    60 softgels
    €16.12 Msrp Price €18.86 As low as €11.56
  2. Aquilea Propolis Syrup

    Aquilea Propolis Syrup

    150 ml
    €10.66 Msrp Price €11.69 As low as €10.02
  3. Pollen Bag

    Pollen Bag

    1 kg
    €23.85 Msrp Price €25.42 As low as €22.42
  4. Propolis Hydroalcoholic Extract

    Propolis Hydroalcoholic Extract

    50 ml
    €15.40 Msrp Price €15.86 As low as €14.48
  5. Green apisnat propolis

    Green apisnat propolis

    20 ml
    €20.03 Msrp Price €20.30 As low as €19.03
  6. Propolis Extract Formula XXI
    Soria Natural

    Propolis Extract Formula XXI

    50 ml
    €11.10 Msrp Price €13.34 As low as €10.32
  7. Organic Pollen

    Organic Pollen

    225 g
    €10.10 Msrp Price €10.30 As low as €9.49
  8. Jelly Kids Prevent

    Jelly Kids Prevent

    250 ml (Fruits)
    €14.68 Msrp Price €14.85
  9. Multifloral Pollen

    Multifloral Pollen

    450 g
  10. Apicol Propolis Extract

    Apicol Propolis Extract

    60 ml
    €10.63 Msrp Price €12.20 As low as €9.99
  11. Chewable Propolactiv

    Chewable Propolactiv

    30 tablets
    €7.27 Msrp Price €8.20 As low as €6.91
  12. Manuka honey MGO 100+
    Manuka Health New Zealand

    Manuka honey MGO 100+

    50 g
    €9.78 Msrp Price €9.95 As low as €9.19
  13. Magnepolen
    El Naturalista


    60 capsules
    €12.83 Msrp Price €13.37 As low as €12.02
  14. Propolis


    50 ml
    €3.27 Msrp Price €4.68 As low as €3.07
  15. Otalin (Eye Drops with Propolis)
    Soria Natural

    Otalin (Eye Drops with Propolis)

    15 ml
    €4.91 Msrp Price €5.16 As low as €4.71
  16. Pills with Blackberry and Propolis

    Pills with Blackberry and Propolis

    45 g
    €4.36 Msrp Price €5.60 As low as €4.19
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Bees provide us with different natural products with highly recommended properties. Among the most outstanding apicultural products are royal jelly, propolis and natural pollen. Whether as a food supplement or as part of natural or cosmetic treatments, the properties of bee products include providing vitality, strengthening defenses, caring for the skin and helping our digestive system. Learn about the benefits of bee products at Naturitas!

Properties of bee products

Bee products are obtained from hives and are made by bees from the nutrients they obtain from nature. Therefore, they are totally natural products produced in a sustainable way through organic beekeeping, which also helps protect the natural environment and guarantee the survival of bees.

Due to the multiple properties of bee products, they are considered superfoods with many beneficial effects. The main bee products are:

  • Royal jelly: it is the food of queen bees and due to its nutrient content it acts as a stimulant, energizer and antioxidant. It also serves to whet the appetite.
  • Propolis: This is the substance with which bees make hives and is a great remedy for mouth sores, scars, burns, etc.
  • Natural pollen: collected by bees from flowers, regulates digestion and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

How to take bee products

At Naturitas you can get royal jelly, propolis and natural pollen in different formats: syrup, ampoules, capsules or tablets, so you can take them as you like. Find in our online store the best brands of bee products such as Arkopharma , Apiserum , ESI , Marnys ... in the presentation you prefer.

Take advantage of Naturitas offers and discounts to buy them at the best price!

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