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Nasal congestion

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17 products
17 products
  1. Aquilea Propolis Syrup

    Aquilea Propolis Syrup

    150 ml
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  2. Giloy Guduchi Organic
    Organic India

    Giloy Guduchi Organic

    90 vegetable capsules
  3. Rhinomer 1 Soft Force

    Rhinomer 1 Soft Force

    135 ml
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  4. Organic Thyme Infusion

    Organic Thyme Infusion

    20 infusion bags
  5. Brumaroma Essence (Lavender)
    Laboratorio SYS

    Brumaroma Essence (Lavender)

    50 ml
    €7.47 Msrp Price €8.46 As low as €7.02
  6. Aquilea Breathe Rinoget
    Will be in stock soon

    Aquilea Breathe Rinoget

    20 ml
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  7. NARHINEL patches (OTC)
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    NARHINEL patches (OTC)

    10 units
  8. Andres balsamic cream
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    Andres balsamic cream

    30 ml of cream
  9. Nasalmer
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    40 vials of 5ml
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How bothersome is a stuffy nose, right? In addition to arming yourself with patience and a good assortment of disposable tissues, there are some natural products for nasal congestion that can help you.

From nasal sprays with sea water, very effective in clearing the nose, to balsamic syrups and expectorants, with the nasal congestion remedies that Naturitas offers you you can relieve nasal congestion, breathe better and sleep more comfortably. Win the battle to snot!

How to remove nasal congestion

Rhinorrhea or nasal congestion occurs due to inflammation of the nasal tissue, accompanied by abundant mucous discharge, which causes difficulties in breathing through the nose. Symptoms of nasal congestion also often include loss of smell and constant runny nose that are very bothersome and irritate the nose.

Generally, the causes of nasal congestion are due to infections by viruses or bacteria such as a cold, flu, sinusitis, or rhinitis. To combat nasal congestion, it is recommended to drink copiously, blow yourself periodically to eliminate mucus and avoid smoky or contaminated environments, since when breathing through the mouth there is an increased risk of suffering other throat or bronchial problems.

Remedies for nasal congestion

Among the most effective natural remedies for nasal congestion are seawater nasal sprays, which help dissolve mucus and clear the nose. In the case of children, we can do the cleaning with a nasal aspirator or a lot for nasal cleaning.

Propolis , peppermint , echinacea or sundew sprays and syrups are also effective in removing nasal congestion, which relieve inflammation and help restore the nasal mucosa. Finally, expectorant syrups with eucalyptus or marshmallow help to eliminate mucus.

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