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7 products
7 products
  1. L-glutamine


    120 capsules
  2. L-glutamine


    60 capsules
  3. BCAA + Glutamine Concept
    Mega Plus

    BCAA + Glutamine Concept

    500 g (Lemon)
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  4. Glutamine
    Life Extension


    100 capsules
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  5. L-Glutamine


    500 g
    €29.40 Msrp Price €34.85 As low as €28.52
  6. L-Glutathione, 100mg
    Will be in stock soon

    L-Glutathione, 100mg

    100 capsules
    €20.31 Msrp Price €22.42 As low as €18.50
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Glutamine is an amino acid that performs essential functions in our body. Discover its properties and benefits.

Although we are able to generate it naturally from foods that contain glutamine, in times of stress or physical exhaustion you may need to take glutamine supplements. Among other aspects, the properties of glutamine include muscle regeneration and the strengthening of the immune system , so glutamine for athletes is one of the many applications of this supplement.

What is glutamine for?

Glutamine is used primarily as a dietary supplement for athletes. This is due to the benefits of glutamine for the muscles, since it favors the recovery and regeneration of muscle tissue after an intense training session. This means that taking glutamine after exercising reduces the appearance of stiffness.

The properties of glutamine also include strengthening the immune system, improving memory and concentration, and healing of wounds, fractures and scars. In contrast, glutamine contraindications are rare, although taking an excessive dose may cause adverse effects such as digestive upset.

How to take glutamine

Although there are many foods with glutamine, such as nuts, spinach, parsley, dairy and meat, sometimes they are not enough to produce the glutamine levels that our body needs and it is necessary to take glutamine supplements.

Glutamine supplements are available in powder, capsules and sachets from leading sports nutrition brands such as Mega Plus, Just Aid, Nutrisport or Bonusan. The recommended glutamine doses can range from 2 to 4 times a day depending on age, weight, etc. So before you start taking glutamine, it is advisable to read the manufacturer's package leaflet or consult a sports nutrition specialist.

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