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6 products
6 products
  1. Collagen Bioactive Peptides

    Collagen Bioactive Peptides

    300 g of powder
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  2. Curarti Forte

    Curarti Forte

    30 tablets
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  3. Collagen Skin & Hair Forticoll Almond Lab

    Collagen Skin & Hair Forticoll Almond Lab

    270 g
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  4. Msa Ribes Nigrum Gems

    Msa Ribes Nigrum Gems

    50 ml
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  5. Finisher Caffeine Gel

    Finisher Caffeine Gel

    12 packets
  6. Orgono Silicon Gel
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    Silicium España

    Orgono Silicon Gel

    150 ml of gel
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We do not see them, but they are essential for the functioning of the joints. Cartilage is the natural "shock absorber" that prevents friction and bone wear. However, with age and sports, the cartilage wears down and joint pain and mobility problems appear.

To avoid this, take care of your cartilage taking precautions when you do sports and take supplements of collagen, magnesium, vitamin C and other beneficial products for cartilage.

What are cartilages and what are they for?

The articular cartilage is a flexible tissue that covers the ends of the bones in the joints and helps them to function properly, cushioning the impacts and avoiding the wear and tear produced by continued friction between the bones. However, with age the cartilage begins to wear down, something that also happens due to some sports injuries. The result of joint cartilage wear is joint pain and progressive loss of mobility in the joint; a problem that is very difficult to reverse, since the cartilage of our body cannot regenerate itself artificially.

Natural products to care for cartilage

To prevent cartilage tissue wear, it is advisable not to abuse sports that have a great impact on the joints such as running or jumping, as well as always wear appropriate footwear and avoid bad postures that force the joints.

In addition, we can take food supplements with collagen , a natural molecule that our body produces and that helps the formation of cartilage in the joints. Magnesium is another beneficial product to strengthen the joints and reduce wear and tear on the cartilage, reducing joint pain and preserving mobility. For its part, vitamin C facilitates the production of natural collagen in the body to protect the joints.

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