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9 products
9 products
  1. Lapacho Pau D'Arco
    Sura Vitasan

    Lapacho Pau D'Arco

    50 ml
    €16.07 Msrp Price €18.60 As low as €15.11
  2. GineCanesflor


    10 capsules
  3. Tea Tree Oil
    Edda Pharma

    Tea Tree Oil

    30 ml (Tea tree)
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  4. Eucalyptus air freshener

    Eucalyptus air freshener

    100 ml
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  5. Licorice Bag
    Soria Natural

    Licorice Bag

    60 g
    €2.49 Msrp Price €2.88 As low as €2.34
  6. Blue Eye Pencil
    Radhe Shyam / Sitarama

    Blue Eye Pencil

    1 unit
  7. Cream marigold
    Will be in stock soon
    Health Aid

    Cream marigold

    75 ml
    €10.95 Msrp Price €12.30 As low as €10.29
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Cold, acne, gastroenteritis, candidiasis ... The catalog of infections that our body can suffer is very wide. Although modern medicine has treatments to combat most of them, there are natural products that can help you prevent them and speed up their healing. Get to know them!

From plant extracts with a powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic effect, the best natural treatments for infections cannot be missing from your medicine cabinet.

Main types of infections

Infections are caused by different pathogens that access our body in order to reproduce, which can damage certain organs and tissues. The main causes of infections are bacteria, which are fought with antibiotics, and viruses, which are treated with antivirals. Although less frequent, infections can also occur due to fungi or parasites.

Depending on its location, we can distinguish various types of infections . The most common are respiratory infections (such as a cold or bronchitis), stomach and intestinal infections (gastroenteritis), urinary tract or reproductive tract infections (for example cystitis or candidiasis), and skin infections (acne, folliculitis, impetigo. ..)

Natural treatments for infections

Most common infections have effective treatments to clear pathogens or relieve symptoms. There are also natural remedies for infections that help especially in prevention.

For example, tea tree infusions are very effective against acne or yeast infections, while oregano oil is mostly used in urine or respiratory infections.

For its part, grapefruit seed extract works very well for intestinal infections, while black garlic or echinacea extract are used in yeast infections. Finally, bee propolis is also a very popular natural treatment for infections.

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