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11 products
11 products
  1. Chlorella bio

    Chlorella bio

    140 tablets
    €5.95 Msrp Price €7.00 As low as €5.47
  2. Organic Chlorella Powder

    Organic Chlorella Powder

    125 g
    €7.16 Msrp Price €9.35
  3. Chlorelpure + Metal Detox

    Chlorelpure + Metal Detox

    500 ml
    €18.48 Msrp Price €19.95 As low as €17.37
  4. Organic Chlorella
    El Granero Integral

    Organic Chlorella

    180 tablets (400mg)
    €17.96 Msrp Price €19.75 As low as €17.06
  5. Organic Chlorella
    Nature et Partage

    Organic Chlorella

    300 tablets (500mg)
  6. Yaeyama Chlorella
    Ox Nature

    Yaeyama Chlorella

    300 tablets of 200mg
  7. Chlorella (Broken Cell Wall)

    Chlorella (Broken Cell Wall)

    100 capsules of 520mg
    €28.33 Msrp Price €31.72 As low as €25.21
  8. Chlorella
    Will be in stock soon
    Raw Organic Food


    180 g of powder
  9. Organic Superfood Chlorella
    Will be in stock soon
    Green Origins

    Organic Superfood Chlorella

    180 tablets
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If you want to know what chlorella is, it is an algae that grows in both fresh and salt water. Also known as chlorella vulgaris, the properties of chlorella cover the nutritional field due to its high protein content, but it also has numerous therapeutic applications due to its purifying and antioxidant effect. Something as simple as taking chlorella powder or capsules once a day can make your diet more balanced. Know all the benefits of chlorella!

Properties of chlorella

Considered as a super food due to its high nutritional value, the properties of chlorella also include a great contribution of vitamins and minerals. Being a great source of protein, taking chlorella is ideal for vegan or vegetarian food.

However, the benefits of chlorella do not end here: it has cleansing and antioxidant properties that make it ideal for detox cures. Chlorella is also used for weight loss due to its satiating and digestive effect. Furthermore, the applications of chlorella in anti-aging therapies and to treat diseases such as cholesterol or diabetes are being investigated.

How to take chlorella seaweed

Due to the microscopic size of the chlorella algae, it is usually presented in powder or capsule format. Regarding how to take chlorella, you can easily introduce it into your diet by adding it to juices, sauces, desserts or natural smoothies. If you prefer to buy chlorella in pills, read the manufacturer's instructions and consult a specialist to ensure you enjoy the benefits of chlorella in the most effective and safe way.

Although the contraindications of chlorella are few, in some cases it can cause gas, nausea or diarrhea. The side effects of chlorella appear when an excessive amount is ingested, for example a higher dose of chlorella than indicated.

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