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  1. Chlorella and Spirulina Bio

    Chlorella and Spirulina Bio

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  2. Organic Chlorella & Spirulina
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    Green Origins

    Organic Chlorella & Spirulina

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Algae have been part of the diet of many cultures since ancient times due to their nutritional properties and healthy benefits, ranging from antioxidant effects to lower cholesterol or lose weight. To enjoy these benefits in a more comfortable way, there are many types of algae compounds that combine different varieties in formats suitable for all needs. In this section you can find the best algae compounds of bio and eco origin.

What are algae compounds

Although it is increasingly common to find them in natural food stores, not all edible algae are easy to incorporate into our daily diet. For this, there are algae compounds , which are food supplements in which different types of algae are combined with recognized beneficial properties for health.

Taking algae compounds allows you to enjoy all its properties in a comfortable way, with the ideal dosage and the possibility of choosing specific formulations of different varieties of algae depending on your needs.

Types of algae compounds

In the Naturitas online store you can buy seaweed compounds from leading brands in diet and nutrition such as Equisalud, Integralia or Algologie. Made with organically grown algae, they are available in different formats so that you can enjoy all the healthy qualities that algae compounds offer: capsules, tablets, as well as powders or extracts of algae compounds to add to your recipes.

For example, you can find compounds of spirulina and chlorella algae that purify the body and help lose weight; Fucus, laminaria and ascophyllum algae compounds to combat cellulite; or algae compounds combined with other products such as green tea to reduce cholesterol and fluid retention.

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