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Tea tree

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4 products
4 products
  1. Organic tea tree essential oil

    Organic tea tree essential oil

    10 ml of essential oil
  2. Organic tea tree essential oil
    El Granero Integral

    Organic tea tree essential oil

    12 ml of essential oil
    €7.94 Msrp Price €7.95 As low as €7.24
  3. Tea tree essential oil
    Will be in stock soon

    Tea tree essential oil

    15 ml of essential oil
  4. Dr. Organic Pack - Tea Tree - Care
    Will be in stock soon
    Dr. Organic

    Dr. Organic Pack - Tea Tree - Care

    4 productos
    €38.61 Msrp Price €40.85
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The best supplements with Tea Tree.

What is the tea tree?

Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is an essential oil that has well-known properties. For example, it is known for its antibacterial, fungicidal and healing action .

What does the tea tree cure?

The tea tree improves acne problems , as it dries the pimples very effectively. It is also useful for insect bites or to end a lice problem .

How to use the tea tree?

The tea tree is usually used in essential oil format. If it is for acne, it is advisable to apply a drop on a swab and dab on the pimple without touching healthy skin. The same should be done with an insect bite. For a lice problem, a few drops of tea tree can be added to your regular shampoo.

What is the best tea tree oil?

The best tea tree oil is one that is organic and 100% natural . At Naturitas we have several brands of high quality tea tree oil so that you can benefit from all its properties. Pure tea tree oil is the best.

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