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8 products
8 products
  1. Deglycyrrhized Licorice Root

    Deglycyrrhized Licorice Root

    60 vegetable capsules
    €12.71 Msrp Price €18.88 As low as €11.82
  2. Licorice Bag
    Soria Natural

    Licorice Bag

    60 g
    €2.57 Msrp Price €2.88 As low as €2.42
  3. Licorice Herb (triturated)

    Licorice Herb (triturated)

    100 g
    €1.84 Msrp Price €1.89 As low as €1.73
  4. Licorice Herb
    Nova Diet

    Licorice Herb

    70 g
    €2.49 Msrp Price €2.56
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You have undoubtedly consumed it on more than one occasion in one of its many presentations, but ... have you ever stopped to think what exactly is licorice? Also known as palodul, it is a plant grown almost all over the world that is widely used in confectionery due to its bittersweet taste. However, the properties of licorice go far beyond its use as a condiment, because this plant also has interesting health benefits that we will tell you about below.

Licorice properties

The scientific name for licorice is Glycyrrhiza glabra, which means "sweet root." The root is precisely the part of this plant that is used and concentrates the benefits of licorice for medicinal purposes. Its sweetness is due to the glycyrrhizinic acid it contains, which in addition to being 50 times sweeter than sugar, is effective in fighting viruses and herpes. Therefore, taking licorice helps treat respiratory diseases such as colds or flu, since it is also an expectorant and relieves coughs.

The properties of licorice do not end here, as it is a natural anti-inflammatory used to treat rheumatic and arthritic pain. In addition, licorice is good for preventing digestive disorders and purifying the body. Applied to the skin, licorice helps heal wounds, sores, canker sores in the mouth and inflammation of the eyes. Finally, taking licorice can help control hormonal changes during menopause.

How to take licorice

To enjoy the medicinal properties of licorice, you can buy crushed licorice root with which to prepare various infusions and herbal teas. Another possibility is licorice extract , which contains a high concentration of active ingredients, as well as licorice capsules and tablets that are marketed as a dietary supplement.

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