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4 products
4 products
  1. Elder Flower

    Elder Flower

    50 g
    €2.61 Msrp Price €3.49 As low as €2.45
  2. Elderflower Bag
    Soria Natural

    Elderflower Bag

    40 g
    €4.42 Msrp Price €5.23 As low as €4.11
  3. Elderberry Flowers
    Will be in stock soon

    Elderberry Flowers

    60 g of powder
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In this section the best food supplements with Elderberry.

What is elderberry and what is it for?

Elderberry ( sacumbus nigra ) is a medicinal plant that is widely used throughout the world. Throughout history it has been given various applications and today elderberry is used to treat infections, to heal burns or as a strengthening tonic.

What are the benefits of elderberry?

Elderberry ( sacumbus nigra ) has multiple benefits among which it stands out that it helps fight colds and flu , stimulates defenses by strengthening the immune system, is a good diuretic, has expectorant properties and also has a laxative effect.

How is elderberry used?

The way to use elderberry is in the form of an infusion . The leaves should be allowed to dry and then an infusion should be made with them. Honey or lemon juice can be added to the elderberry infusion and can be taken about 2 times a day, although its laxative effect must be taken into account.

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