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3 products
3 products
  1. Black Cumin Seed Oil, 500mg

    Black Cumin Seed Oil, 500mg

    60 vegetable capsules
    €8.21 Msrp Price €8.59 As low as €7.72
  2. Black Cumin Oil Seeds "Bio"

    Black Cumin Oil Seeds "Bio"

    100 ml
    €20.02 Msrp Price €21.00 As low as €18.82
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It is very possible that you have it on the spice shelf in your kitchen, but ... do you know the properties of cumin for health? Its digestive effect makes taking cumin suitable for relieving heavy digestion, gas or heartburn. It is also an excellent tonic to whet your appetite, reduces cholesterol levels and you can even take cumin to lose weight due to its high nutritional content. Read on to know all the benefits of cumin and how to take it!

Properties of cumin

In addition to being a popular spice in the kitchen, cumin is a medicinal plant with various uses. Cumin seeds are high in vitamin A and E, apart from minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium or potassium.

The most well-known properties of cumin are its digestive effects, which help prevent flatulence, stomach pain and abdominal inflammation after meals. It is also a tonic that stimulates the appetite, fights bad breath and relieves the discomfort of ulcers and gastritis.

However, the properties of cumin go beyond the digestive system, as some studies indicate that it helps to control cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as to enhance weight loss treatments.

How to take cumin

Today it is easy to buy cumin powder or cumin seeds in all types of establishments, to use in many kinds of recipes. However, to benefit from the medicinal properties of cumin, it is usual to take it as a dietary supplement.

These food supplements are prepared from black cumin extract, the most appreciated by natural medicine, which you can find in capsules, pearls or essential oil. It is recommended not to exceed the recommended dosage in the instructions, since cumin contraindications may include gastrointestinal upset and hypoglycemia.

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