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6 products
6 products
  1. Thyme


    200 ml
  2. Thyme Essential Oil

    Thyme Essential Oil

    15 ml of essential oil
  3. Thyme Extract

    Thyme Extract

    50 ml
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  4. Thyme


    40 g
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Easy to find in temperate areas of most of Europe, thyme is an aromatic herb that has applications in both gastronomy and aromatherapy. However, it is its medicinal qualities that have made thyme have a strong roots in popular culture and are part of a multitude of natural remedies: from infusions to steams, herbal teas, rinses, scrubs ... Let's learn more about the properties thyme and all the health benefits it offers.

Thyme properties

Apart from tannins, flavonoids and other plant compounds, thyme has a high content of thymol and carvacrol, two substances that give it its intense aroma and also have an antiseptic, antimicrobial and antiparasitic effect. Hence the popular expression "Thyme water kills the bug", since thyme tea was used to eliminate intestinal worms. It also facilitates digestion, relieving abdominal bloating and avoiding flatulence. The properties of thyme also make it an effective cleanser and appetite stimulant.

Other benefits of thyme are its anti-inflammatory action, which is why it is used to relieve rheumatic pain, contractures, migraines…. It can also be used as a rinse to treat toothaches, gingivitis, sores and wounds in the mouth. Finally, thyme is used to heal minor skin wounds and to slow down hair loss.

Ways to take thyme

There are many ways to take thyme to enjoy its properties. We can prepare a thyme infusion with dried thyme herb, which is also suitable for making inhalations or herbal teas. For its part, thyme essential oil serves the same purposes if it is diluted in water, other drinks or vegetable oils. For rubs , use thyme alcohol that is sold in pharmacies and herbalists.

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