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10 products
10 products
  1. Matricaria Chamomilla (Chamomile)

    Matricaria Chamomilla (Chamomile)

    50 ml
    €10.67 Msrp Price €10.70 As low as €9.71
  2. Chamomile


    1 kg
    €25.04 Msrp Price €26.10 As low as €23.79
  3. Mahon-type Chamomile Herb

    Mahon-type Chamomile Herb

    50 g
    €2.24 Msrp Price €2.80 As low as €2.11
  4. Sweet camomile
    Nova Diet

    Sweet camomile

    30 g
    €1.83 Msrp Price €1.88
  5. Sweet Chamomile
    Soria Natural

    Sweet Chamomile

    30 g
    €3.25 Msrp Price €3.36 As low as €3.05
  6. Bitter Mahon Chamomile
    Nova Diet

    Bitter Mahon Chamomile

    50 g
    €2.88 Msrp Price €2.89
  7. Organic Roman Chamomile Flower
    Will be in stock soon

    Organic Roman Chamomile Flower

    30 g
    €13.25 Msrp Price €15.25 As low as €12.46
  8. Organic Chamomile Floral Water
    Will be in stock soon
    Herbes & Traditions

    Organic Chamomile Floral Water

    200 ml of floral water
    €10.27 Msrp Price €10.75 As low as €9.55
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There is no doubt that chamomile or chamomile is one of the most widely consumed medicinal herbs that exist. It grows in the meadows, where it is easy to distinguish by its white petal flowers and intense aroma. From these flowers an essential oil is obtained with a high content of coumarins, flavonoids and other plant active ingredients that are responsible for the multiple properties of chamomile in the field of herbal medicine. But do you know the most suitable ways to take chamomile for each purpose?

Chamomile benefits

Chamomile is known mainly for its digestive benefits, since it opens the appetite and stimulates the production of gastric juices, which facilitates digestion and prevents the appearance of flatulence. It is also a natural sedative that calms the nerves, relieves stress, and helps you sleep. In addition, the properties of chamomile strengthen the immune system, relieve menstrual cramps and help regulate blood sugar.

On the other hand, when applied to the skin, chamomile is a good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to heal wounds, burns and scars, as well as to treat eye infections. Finally, chamomile also helps to nourish and brighten hair color.

How to take chamomile

The most popular way to drink chamomile is through an infusion of chamomile , which you can prepare from the dried flowers of this plant. Natural chamomile tea can have a quite intense and bitter taste, so it is recommended to let it infuse well and sweeten it with honey to consume it.

In addition, various food supplements made with this plant are marketed, such as chamomile essential oil or chamomile capsules to take as a dietary supplement. Finally, chamomile is present in many natural cosmetic products such as skin creams or hair shampoos.

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