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It says that Spanish missionaries in America were the first to baptize the cascara sagrada with this name, since they thought that the wood of this medicinal plant had been used to build Noah's ark. We do not know if this was the case, but what is proven is that taking cascara sagrada is one of the best natural laxatives that exist, ideal for treating occasional constipation quickly and effectively. Read on to learn about the properties of cascara sagrada and how to take it.

What is cascara sagrada for?

Cascara sagrada, or Rhamnus purshiana , is a medicinal plant that grows in North America. It is considered one of the most effective natural laxatives that exist, due to its ability to stimulate intestinal transit and facilitate evacuation.

In addition, the properties of cascara sagrada include stimulating the appetite and its use as a purgative to cleanse the intestine. Due to its ability to stimulate water secretion, it is also beneficial for fluid retention.

How to take cascara sagrada

As its name suggests, cascara sagrada is obtained from the bark of this plant, which needs to be processed and dried to neutralize its toxic effects. That is why the most widespread way to take cascara sagrada is as a dietary supplement, using cascara sagrada capsules or tablets like the ones you can find in Naturitas.

Cascara sagrada is generally taken at night, as it takes a few hours to take effect. It is necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions and not exceed the recommended dose to avoid possible side effects of cascara sagrada , such as abdominal pain or dehydration. Likewise, the contraindications of cascara sagrada include avoiding its consumption in case of intestinal diseases. It can also cause changes in the color of the urine.

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