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  9. Soria Natural 1
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14 products
14 products
  1. White Clay
    Soria Natural

    White Clay

    250 g of powder
    €2.13 Msrp Price €2.23 As low as €2.02
  2. Fine Green Clay Jar
    Erboristeria Magentina

    Fine Green Clay Jar

    3 kg
  3. Ultra ventilated pink clay

    Ultra ventilated pink clay

    200 g of powder
    €5.22 Msrp Price €6.22 As low as €5.01
  4. Granulated Green Clay

    Granulated Green Clay

    3 kg
    €9.30 Msrp Price €10.41 As low as €8.74
  5. Pure and natural red clay

    Pure and natural red clay

    250 g of powder
    €5.75 Msrp Price €7.55 As low as €5.52
  6. Superfine Green Clay

    Superfine Green Clay

    1 kg of powder
    €5.44 Msrp Price €6.95 As low as €5.17
  7. Green clay

    Green clay

    300 g of powder
  8. White clay

    White clay

    1 kg
    €4.78 Msrp Price €5.25 As low as €4.54
  9. Extra-thin green clay

    Extra-thin green clay

    300 g of powder
    €4.58 Msrp Price €4.70 As low as €4.35
  10. White Clay Tube

    White Clay Tube

    100 g
    €5.36 Msrp Price €5.95 As low as €5.04
  11. Pure and natural white clay

    Pure and natural white clay

    250 g of powder
    €4.94 Msrp Price €6.38 As low as €4.74
  12. Green Clay Internal Use
    Will be in stock soon

    Green Clay Internal Use

    300 g
    €3.35 Msrp Price €4.02 As low as €3.18
14 Items

The clays for cosmetics that you will find in Naturitas are ideal for preparing facial, body or hair masks that restore the natural balance of the skin, eliminate impurities and provide essential nutrients. Take a look at the different types of clays that you can find and make them your best ally for natural cosmetics.

Clays properties

The use of clays in cosmetics dates back to time immemorial and today they are still highly appreciated due to their exfoliating, antimicrobial, detoxifying and revitalizing capabilities. The usual way to use clays for beauty are clay face, body and hair masks. Thanks to the properties of clays, these masks have the ability to rejuvenate dry or aged skin and, due to their calming effect, are suitable for sensitive skin.

Types of clays

Although the benefits of clays are similar, not all of them work in the same way. Depending on its composition, there are several types of clays like the ones below:

  • Red clay: of volcanic origin, it has a high content of minerals such as iron or copper that make it ideal for treating disorders such as acne, cellulite or psoriasis.
  • White clay: it is especially indicated for dry or sensitive skin due to its remineralizing effect and its acidic pH that calms irritated skin.
  • Green clay: its absorbent and antiseptic properties make it suitable as a detoxifying, toning and firming treatment for the skin.
  • Yellow clay: it is a type of clay with a high iron content and a soft effect, which is why it is especially recommended for delicate skin or hair.

Find the best clays for cosmetics at Naturitas!

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