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Jet lag or jet lag is a sleep disorder that occurs on long-distance travel and can ruin your vacation or commuting. In addition to tiredness, it causes discomfort and irritability. To avoid jet lag, it is advisable to adapt your sleep patterns to the time of the destination. Natural jet lag treatments such as melatonin, tryptophan, or sleeping plant extracts may also be helpful to help you fall asleep.

Jet lag symptoms and causes

Jet lag, also known as jet lag, is a disorder that causes a sleep / wake cycle mismatch. The main causes of jet lag are trips that involve crossing several time zones: the body's internal clock continues to operate according to the time of origin, rather than the time of destination. Jet lag can also occur from working at night or not following regular sleep patterns.

The main symptoms of jet lag are insomnia, fatigue, lack of energy, drowsiness and attention difficulties. It can also lead to poor appetite, gastrointestinal problems, and irritability.

Natural remedies for jet lag

The key to combating jet lag is adjusting the body's internal clock with the night-day cycle of where we are. To prevent jet lag, you have to adjust your sleep schedules progressively to the time of the place you are going to, as well as trying to rest before the trip.

Additionally, there are several natural remedies for jet lag . The best known are supplements of melatonin , a hormone that helps regulate the sleep cycle. You can also take tryptophan , an amino acid that is very effective for falling asleep, as well as plant extracts that help you sleep like valerian or lemon balm .

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