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Urinary tract infection

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27 products
27 products
27 products
  1. Red cranberry

    Red cranberry

    60 tablets
    €19.53 Msrp Price €21.85 As low as €18.55
  2. Ergylixir


    250 ml
  3. Cranberry 120 PACs
    Estado Puro

    Cranberry 120 PACs

    40 capsules
    €17.43 Msrp Price €20.20 As low as €16.73
  4. Cranberry


    60 tablets of 5000mg
    €15.63 Msrp Price €15.80 As low as €14.85
  5. Cystifemine


    30 capsules of 500mg
    €22.36 Msrp Price €28.38 As low as €21.69
  6. Cranberry
    Health Aid


    60 tablets of 5000mg
    €14.54 Msrp Price €18.81 As low as €13.67
  7. Whole organic cranberries

    Whole organic cranberries

    500 g
    €13.31 Msrp Price €21.30 As low as €12.64
  8. Cystilene


    50 capsules
  9. Organic hemp oil
    Huilerie Vigean

    Organic hemp oil

    250 ml
  10. Organic Clove Essential Oil

    Organic Clove Essential Oil

    10 ml of essential oil
    €6.35 Msrp Price €6.99 As low as €6.10
  11. Bearberry Bag
    Soria Natural

    Bearberry Bag

    50 g
    €2.69 Msrp Price €3.60 As low as €2.53
  12. Cocoa Protein Bar

    Cocoa Protein Bar

    1 unit (Cocoa)
  13. Infusion Help Bladder Bio

    Infusion Help Bladder Bio

    18 infusion bags
  14. Shredded marjoram herb
    La flor del Pirineo

    Shredded marjoram herb

    35 g
  15. Premium celery seed - maximum strength 500mg
    Will be in stock soon

    Premium celery seed - maximum strength 500mg

    180 capsules of 500mg
    €10.32 Msrp Price €13.62 As low as €9.70
  16. D-Mannose
    Will be in stock soon


    24 tablets of 500mg
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In Naturitas you can find products to prevent urinary infections.

How to prevent urinary infections?

To prevent urinary infections it is essential to always take probiotics in the case of being under antibiotic treatment. It is also advisable to take a probiotic after intercourse. Drink plenty of water, wear cotton underwear and always pass the toilet paper from front to back to prevent bacteria from the rectum from reaching the vagina.

Urinary infection remedies

There are remedies for urinary infections that we have at Naturitas . The best ones are those that have cranberries in their composition, since this fruit prevents and avoids recurrent urinary infections. It is suitable for those who have cystitis or any of the other infections.

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