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Glass Suction Cup with Rubber Pear

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SKU: LP-0000264
Store review (4.69 / 5) EXCELLENT
Glass Suction Cup with AA Rubber Pear, for massage and cupping therapy.
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This product is no longer available
Store review (4.69 / 5) EXCELLENT
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Glass Suction Cup with AA Rubber Pear, for massage and cupping therapy.


They are made with a rubber pear that offers adequate tension for good suction and easy and practical handling. The rounded finish of the glass hood allows it to slide perfectly on any surface of the body, taking the appropriate measure for each area.

Suction cup measurements: 8cm (7.7cm inside).

Intake mode

It is recommended for massage once the vacuum has been made and the suction cup has been placed on the patient's skin, it slides from one side to the other producing a massage effect (for which previously an oil that facilitates sliding will have been applied suction cup), which stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph and serves to eliminate toxins.

Fixed suction cup: The suction cup is attached at certain points in order to treat certain areas of the body through its reflex points on the back.

Application and extraction of the suction cup: it is only used on the back and consists of applying the suction cup and leaving it for only a few seconds, then changing to another part of the area to be treated. It is used to loosen excess mucus when there is pulmonary congestion.


Rubber, thick glass.