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Surely you know olive, sunflower, coconut oil ... but have you tried hemp oil?

Hemp is a plant, popularly known as marijuana, that contains several active ingredients. In addition to being a 100% natural product, the properties of industrial hemp oil are very interesting if you use it as a food supplement or as a cosmetic. Here you will find all the food and cosmetic supplements made with hemp available at Naturitas and information on their properties.

What are the properties of hemp oil?

Hemp protein is very nutritious and contains essential amino acids, minerals such as magnesium or iron and vitamin E with an antioxidant effect. That is why the properties of hemp oil are especially appreciated by athletes. Hemp protein can be taken in hemp oil drops, as an infusion, or in capsules.

For its part, the application of hemp seed oil on the skin or hair has moisturizing effects, relieves conditions such as acne or psoriasis, prevents skin aging and helps heal wounds. In addition, the properties of industrial hemp are studied to prevent and treat diseases such as cancer or fibromyalgia.

Where to buy hemp seed oil?

Hemp oil is extracted by pressing hemp seeds. Unlike cannabis or marijuana, industrial hemp comes from plants that have been specially chosen to offer the properties of hemp oil, without contraindications.

Therefore, buying hemp oil or any of the food or cosmetic derivatives of industrial hemp is perfectly legal and safe. In addition to hemp oil, at Naturitas you can buy industrial hemp in other presentations such as buds, leaves or flowers to make infusions, hemp capsules or hemp extract.

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