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4 products
4 products
  1. Sleepcare Melatonin Retard
    Epaplus - Peróxidos Farmacéuticos

    Sleepcare Melatonin Retard

    60 tablets
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    40 capsules
  3. Melatoplus 1.99mg
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    Melatoplus 1.99mg

    60 tablets
    €12.09 Msrp Price €12.45
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The benefits of melatonin for sleep have long been known, making melatonin supplements used to combat insomnia, jet lag, and other sleep disorders. Discover all its properties.

Other properties of melatonin, for example for headache and other conditions, are still under study. In any case, although taking melatonin has become popular in recent years, it is necessary to know the properties of melatonin and its contraindications for safe use.

Melatonin benefits

Melatonin is a hormone that intervenes in the natural cycle of sleep. Our body secretes it naturally, but with age melatonin levels decrease. Taking melatonin supplements can help alleviate sleep disorders.

The use of melatonin for insomnia and jet lag is known, although recent studies suggest that the properties of melatonin may encompass other disorders such as migraine, fibromyalgia, or tinnitus.

How to take melatonin

The most common way of taking melatonin is in the form of pills or tablets.

Melatonin capsules from Naturitas , Aquilea , Dietmed , etc. allow you to enjoy the benefits of melatonin in a comfortable and safe way. Melatonin spray, drops, and other alternative forms to melatonin tablets are also available.

Before buying melatonin for sleep or other uses, it is advisable to inquire about the effects and contraindications of melatonin . For example, the consumption of melatonin is not recommended in pregnant women or children, as well as in people who are taking blood pressure medications, sedatives, blood thinners or diabetics.

For melatonin price, proper dosage, when to take melatonin, and other important information, please refer to product sheets and manufacturers' package inserts.

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