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Activated carbon

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9 products
9 products
  1. Activated carbon

    Activated carbon

    120 capsules
    €14.95 Msrp Price €17.65 As low as €13.60
  2. Activated carbon

    Activated carbon

    60 capsules
    €7.95 Msrp Price €9.40 As low as €7.39
  3. Activated Charcoal

    Activated Charcoal

    90 capsules (550mg)
    €2.84 Msrp Price €4.35 As low as €2.75
  4. Carbo'activ coal powder
    Vecteur Sante

    Carbo'activ coal powder

    150 g of powder
  5. Charcoal


    200 capsules of 210mg
  6. Charcoal


    10 units
    €2.29 Msrp Price €2.69 As low as €2.15
  7. Zetavis Charcoal
    Will be in stock soon

    Zetavis Charcoal

    100 tablets
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Taking activated charcoal in dietary supplements can help reduce gas, fight heartburn, and facilitate digestion. Have you tried it?

Activated carbon has long been used in medicine as an effective treatment to combat poisoning. This is due to its ability to make toxic substances adhere to your pores. However, beyond medical practice, the properties of activated carbon also include other benefits for the body.

Properties of activated carbon

As its name suggests, activated or activated carbon comes from the combustion of vegetables, a process that "activates" its ability to absorb toxins, gases and other harmful substances. Therefore, the best known properties of activated carbon are all related to the digestive system. For example, taking activated charcoal can help reduce gas from digestion, relieving bloating and other gastric discomfort.

In addition, the benefits of activated carbon include detoxifying and purifying effects on the body. The effects of activated carbon to slow premature aging and strengthen the immune system, among others, are also studied.

How to take activated carbon

You should never take pure activated carbon because it can be toxic. The correct way to ingest it is through supplements with activated carbon that are available in different formats: activated carbon capsules, pearls, envelopes, etc.

Activated carbon supplements (from brands such as Aboca, Sella Farma or ESI) combine this substance with other natural products such as plant ingredients, fatty acids, etc. that help enhance the properties of activated carbon for the body.

It is necessary to follow the doses and instructions to take activated carbon from each manufacturer to avoid possible side effects. Contraindications to activated carbon may include constipation, dehydration, and interactions with other medications.

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